Some scenes from a walk around Rotorua on a layover.

An Afternoon at Muriwai Beach

With the career I have, stat days off work at not a given. I worked Easter Friday and Monday, but I was fortunate to have Saturday and Sunday off. The weather was rain showers on and off, but the sun shone through later in the afternoon. Muriwai was busy at first, and there were a lot more gannets than I expected for mid April, but as the sun sunk lower toward the horizon, the crowds dissipated and some nice scenes were to be seen.

Bethell's Beach

When I was younger, I used to go out to Bethell's Beach with my mum, to take the dogs for a walk. We had two golden retrievers, and they loved being at the beach. The southern end of the beach has a cave, which is accessible at low tide. This cave is home to many birds overnight, you can see from the colour of the rocks! This weekend I revisited the beach with my wife, and we walked down to the cave. It was a nice pleasant evening, with a reasonable breeze blowing. The tide was low, so there was plenty of space to walk on. The outgoing water left wet patches on the beach, great for reflections of the surrounding cliff faces.


Who Needs a Tripod?

I lost my tripod today. By lost I mean I left it at the airport and it wasn't there six hours later when I went back for it. I don't usually use one for aviation photography, but when I have the 150-600mm lens on the camera, it provides good support and saves a sore arm! This evening Candice and I went for a drive into the city. As we got to Kelly Tarlton's the city was looking nice, so I stopped for a photo. Oh, no tripod. I was rather displeased! I still took some shots, just with a higher ISO and handheld!