The Journey Begins

Los Angeles, CA. We made it! A quick plane ride, then a long twelve hour overnight plane ride with little sleep, and we are in North America. It's spring time, so I was expecting moderate temperatures. I was wrong. Los Angeles was 33ºC when we arrived, and similar the next couple of days. Los Angeles airport is horrible, there's no point sugar coating it. After an hour in line for passport control, then problems locating the shuttle, we eventually got to our (cheap) motel. It actually wasn't too bad, nothing fancy of course, but it was clean inside and the staff were friendly and helpful. Across the street from the motel was an authentic Mexican restaurant - perfect.

The next day we ventured out into town. The motel we picked was only a few minutes walk from the train station, so that was quite useful. Every shopping mall is huge, and everywhere you look there are lots of people. One thing I noticed quite fast was that lots of places have free wifi available, this is great when you're roaming overseas! After some shopping we headed out to Santa Monica Pier to have a look. Google Maps is very useful for getting on the right bus. The beach and pier were both very busy, with everyone out enjoying the early summer heat. I tried to stay in the shade so I didn't get sunburnt! Tried.