California Coast

Out first day in California was a long one. We left Vancouver in the morning and flew to San Francisco via Portland (the cheap option). We finally arrived around 1pm, then waited for ages for the shuttle to the rental car location. We had booked the car a few months in advance, a Chevrolet Malibu or similar. Apparently a 7 seat Mazda 5 is similar. I disagree. I wasn't very impressed with the car, but it got us where we needed to go. Driving in San Francisco is crazy! It took a while to get out of town, then we headed north for the 6 hour drive to Eureka, CA. Eureka is the westernmost city of the contiguous states. First impressions of the highways? Awesome. Multiple lanes each side and high speed limits - that sure makes the travelling better. We arrived quite late, and promptly checked into our cheap hotel and went to bed!


The next morning we began heading up the coast, taking in all the scenery and sunshine as we went. Here are photos taken between Eureka, CA and Florence OR.

Yellow/green algae looking growth on Liscom Slough, west of Arcata CA.

Coastal views near Humboldt Lagoons State Park, CA.

Looking south from the same location along Big Lagoon Spit.

The famous giant redwood trees. The pictures don't illustrate the size of these trees - they are massive!

This shot taken from inside a burnt out trunk of a redwood.

A long pier sticking out into Crescent Harbour, Crescent City, CA.

One of several super cute squirrels eating a potato chip we fed to it.