Sometimes getting out and going for a mini road trip can be quite a challenge. I prefer not to go alone, so in order for my wife to come along I need to have a weekend day off. I get a reasonable amount of weekend days off, but how often do you think the weather is nice? Not the often, though, coming into summer the frequency of good weather is finally improving!

In September we went for an afternoon trip out towards Whakatane. East of Maketu the drive follows the coastline. On your left is the beach with the waves rolling in, and on your right the terrain rises, with several areas of small cliffs. After another ten minutes or so the terrain smooths out. Straight ahead continues to Whakatane, and detours off to the right take you through to Kawerau and Edgecombe. We took some detours, but eventually ended up in Whakatane for dinner.