Wanaka and Queenstown

Before this road trip I hadn't seen much of the South Island. I've been to Queenstown before as part of my pilot training, but it was only a quick stop really. Driving through the Haast Pass was something that I was looking forward to. Unfortunately there aren't too many places where you can pass slow vehicles! Through the pass there are the Fantail Falls. There's a decent size car park there, but by mid morning it was quite full. It was a nice spot, but I didn't get nice photos there because there were a lot of people in the scene. From the pass you drive down between Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea. Plenty of awesome scenery through there! I didn't find Wanaka or Queenstown by themselves very interesting. They're tourist destinations and are very busy. The area around the towns though is quite nice. On Lake Wanaka it's pretty much mandatory that you visit the lonesome tree that goes in the lake. If you drive further up the lake there are some walking paths and plenty of lovely landscape views. The same can be said for Queenstown; if you drive up to the northern end of Lake Wakatipu you come across Glenorchy, and if you continue further you reach Paradise and the location were Isengard was filmed for The Lord of the Rings films.