The Cold

Yesterday I got to fly to Invercargill. It's pretty cool starting in Auckland and then ending up at the other end of the country! We took off and flew south the whole afternoon. The first stop was Palmerston North, then Christchurch, then all the way to Invercargill. The final sector of the journey was in the dark, and mostly cloudy, so there weren't any views along the way. Stepping out the aeroplane at the end of the day, it was immediately apparent how much colder it was compared with Auckland. Off to the hotel to have dinner by the fire! This morning I, and the rest of my crew, returned to the airport to come home again. It was freezing - literally. Also, foggy. The plane had to be de-iced before departure, and then we had to carefully assess the visibility to ensure we could depart. Once airborne we cleared the fog within a few seconds, and we were greeted with the amazing sites you can see below. Snow. Lots of snow!