Daniel Talbot

Photography has been a passionate hobby of mine for over half my life. When I was young, I used to take photos of aircraft visiting Auckland Airport with a cheap 35mm point and shoot camera. When I was a teenager I was gifted an old Pentax fully manual SLR camera. I taught myself how to use it and began a shoebox collection of aviation photos. Eventually I moved into the digital error with a fancy 1.1MP camera. No, the decimal place is not a mistake. Today I shoot with a digital SLR camera on a small variety of lenses. The quality out of the modern cameras is amazing, especially compared with my first digital camera!


For me my main passion has always been aeroplanes. Thanks to New Zealand's student loan scheme, my passion became a reality. My flight training began in 2003 in Auckland, then continued in Palmerston North. My first aviation job was as a flight instructor teaching the private and commercial licences, as well as instrument flying. After five years of instructing I moved into my current job, flying commercial aircraft around regional routes in New Zealand.


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Myself and my lovely wife Candice